Telco Streaming Strategies

Technologies and Business Models for the Netflix Era

The streaming industry presents major challenges and opportunities for Telcos, which can be addressed by agile Cloud Native OTT platforms.
It’s an industry with challenges and opportunities key to the ambitions of telcos, indeed entirely defining of the times we live in and how this impacts them.

A number of telco industry chiefs called upon the EU to regulate that streaming companies contribute to their network costs, given that they are creaming in vast profits atop the infrastructure that telcos have spent fortunes to build, while not financially benefiting from the gigantic traffic volumes it generates. 

The flip side of this is the opportunity. There is a growing trend of Telco / Streamer partnerships, featuring key business models such as service bundling, where subscribers can pay for their streaming content through their telco account.


AWS is expanding into the telecomms market via a multi-pronged strategy encompassing direct services and partner solutions.

Microsoft has acquired a deep Telco expertise and launched a solution set tailoring Azure for Cloud Native 5G networking.

VMware is helping Telcos like Rogers, Telia and Dish to Deploy 5G Cloud Native Network architecture, with a supporting partner ecosystem for onboarding and certifying CNFs.

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