Rise of Telco OTT Partnerships – Boosting Customer Retention and Improving ARPU

A Muvi webinar exploring the business model dynamics and opportunities presented by Telco OTT industry partnerships.

Emerging markets across the world in the recent time frame have seen massive adaptability in video subscriptions and users, thus driving data consumption rates through the roof.

However, even with such a massive surge in user base, Telcos have not been able to translate that into profits or increased ARPU.

OTT and Video Streaming industry has similarly seen a huge update in the same timeframe as consumers adopt smartphones for personal content consumption. High data consumption, new subscriptions, new users and multiple device availability at multiple price points all thanks to the 4G and 5G infrastructure backbone have set the stage.

Hence, in a way, both the Telco and OTT industries have become interconnected to each other – which brings us to this webinar topic – that this is a – ‘Partnership That Makes Sense’.

In this webinar, you will learn:

How Telcos and OTT are natural partners and look at some of the options they can explore together to help each other in terms of retaining customer loyalty and increasing their ARPU.

  • What makes Mobile OTT Service popular?
  • Why should telecom operators be interested in launching or partnering with an OTT platform?
  • What will OTT platforms gain from a telecom company?
  • How Telco OTT Apps will be useful for audiences?
  • How can Telcos offer OTT services to their Enterprise Clients and Customers?

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