VMware’s take on TechCo, Open RAN and Digital Service Provider trends

Sanjay Uppal, senior VP and general manager of VMware’s service provider and edge business unit.

He discusses the rise of the techco, the evolution of communications service providers (CSPs) to digital service providers (DSPs), the seismic shift of Open RAN disaggregation, and what the future holds for network operators thanks to the increasing impact of programmability.

VMware offers an industry solution their Telco Cloud Platform, a modernization solution that deploys Cloud Native and Virtual Network Function consistently, at web-scale speed, and without disruption.

VMware are supporting Telcos to embrace their journey to Cloud Native, with major capabilities including CaaS Automation, CNF Deployment, CNF Instantiation and CaaS Optimization, VNF Template Design and Onboarding, and 5G Automated Multi Cloud Service Delivery.

Solutions are tailored for specific scenarios, such as Transforming the RAN into a 5G Multi-Services Hub. with a supporting monetization strategy. In this detailed webinar Phil Kippen provides a walk through of applying the technology to these telco scenarios.

Customers include Rogers, who are driving toward deploying 5G cloud native architecture on this platform with multi-vendor container network functions for Core, RAN, Edge and leading 5G evolution, and Dish, building a 5G ‘network of networks’, the world’s first Cloud Native 5G Open RAN network.

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