Wind River: Pioneering Leader of ‘The Machine Economy’

Wind River CEO describes the second era of Digital Transformation - From IT to 'OT': Operational Technology, a future AI-infused world that exists outside of the enterprise.

In his TelecomTV interview Wind River CEO Kevin Dallas, describes that the company is the leader in intelligent edge software.

He describes the second wave of Digital Transformation – The first was in IT and now the second is ‘OT’ – Operational Technology, a future AI-infused world that exists outside of the enterprise.

The Machine Economy

Kevin names this new world as ‘The Machine Economy’, a $15 trillion economy by 2030, where intelligent machines are used across every industry that they serve, such as Aerospace and Defence, Industrial, Automotive and Medical, where those customers are increasingly using ML and AI, facilitating autonomous products that communicate back with the enterprise.

Examples include autonomous vehicles, drones, robots and smart factories, requiring more and more of the compute, data analytics, machine learning and AI has to be done at the edge, not in the Cloud. This requires very high availability, security and ultra low latency compute at the edge, all requirements that Telcos are ideally positioned to deliver.

Wind River Studio

At 6m:15s Kevin introduces how their key product is Wind River Studio, the first Cloud Native platform for intelligent systems, that spans the full lifecycle from development, to deployment, to operations and servicing. As you would expect it includes CI/CD capabilities for continuously applying updates to your devices.

Inside the studio is a far edge Cloud solution, that delivers microsecond latency, critical for running a virtualized 5G network and the container framework that these applications needed, as well as an analytics capability for the data operators capture from their networks. It can orchestrate and manage containers, applications and multiple Clouds.

Example Telco clients include Verizon, who have deployed a 5G vRAN solution, and T-Systems, who are looking to enable key scenarios like smart factories with embedded 5G.

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